Tel: +91 9945552003

Registered Office:

CITB #20, 3rd Cross, Industrial Estate, Hubli.

Business Office:

1.Sandbox Startups, Airport Road, Hubli.

2.KLE Ctie, Startup Street, KLE University Hubli.

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Maximize the Value of Each Customer

Our A.I. Powered Platform Drives Sales, Loyalty, Customer retention and Brand Awareness all through location, context aware Engagement


Why Offline Businesses are missing out on Key Ingredients to Grow!

Inability to Gather Customer Data

why is it so important you ask? There lies hidden insights about Preferences, customer behaviour, Like dislike, trends that gives you a 360* view of what needs to be done to increase sales!

Inability to leverage Technology for Increasing sales

When Technology can help you talk to distant someone within seconds with fraction of a cost. This can also be true to reach your target audience for result driven marketing efforts to drive sales!

Leverage the Power of Data 

You know how online businesses understand their customers' preferences, their buying behavior, new or repeat customers, their last visit, time spent, etc.

Enter Transil a Digital Distribution & Engagement Platform which provides a level playing field for offline Businesses.


The Next Generation of Retail is Here, Are You Prepared for its Evolution?

Engage Your Customers 

 60% of Consumers are likely  to engage with Location based offers . Our Platform provides new ways to engage with your customers by running targeted  location services like Feedback, Real time Promotion campaigns and Surveys all  through Proactively reaching on customers mobile phones with out any app!!

Understand your Customers 

One highly valuable aspect of proximity Engagement is the data it creates. You are essentially understanding your customer interests, behaviour, demographics, purchase map & repeat rates by which you can see what drives your consumers to buy, whether it’s discounts,  offers, or interactive campaigns.This allows you to strategise your marketing.

Increase Revenue

Improve long-term revenue and retention by knowing each customer’s preferences across multiple sessions and transactions.

Use the customer data collected to send hyper-personalized marketing communications; Driving loyalty and increasing customer retention by 24%!.

About us


The retail landscape is rapidly changing. Our world is one of hyper-adoption and hyper-abandonment. Digitization of shopping led by online commerce, and fast-moving shifts in consumer buying behaviors placed retail on the front lines of disruption. Immersion, speed, convenience and automation upended traditional practices of the slow to react brick-and-mortar merchants. Retail stores are now an option, not a necessity. Looking at these developments how can the retail retain its ground? This question made us think of gaps between offline & online and found that DATA & Customer Engagement across channels for sales/service are the two main differentiation factors. This revelation is what made us startup, an opportunity for businesses to stay relevant in the fast pacing world.

OUR Vision & Mission

Vision: Our vision is to be for business the gateway to all the channels available for them to reach their audiences.


Mission: Be part of business success stories by empowering businesses to grow and build lasting customer relationships by attracting, engaging and delivering digital experiences.


Come back later to know more about it!



Tel: +91 9945552003

Registered Office:

CITB #20, 3rd Cross, Industrial Estate, Hubli.

Business Office:

1.Sandbox Startups, Airport Road, Hubli.

2.KLE Ctie, Startup Street, KLE University Hubli.


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